Our Vision

Achariya Group is led by the vision of ushering an innovative education system that resonates with the emergent demands of social economy including its problems that obstruct growth and development of mankind.

Our Mission

Achariya Group has adopted the mission of offering world class education towards ensuring that the students become capable to meet the life challenges successfully and thus contribute to the world in a positive manner.

Our History

ACHARIYA EDUCATIONAL PUBLIC TRUST is steeped in a tradition of promoting and supporting education and as a result witnessed the beginning of ACHARIYA ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE was started in july 2004, after obtaining permission from the Government of Pondicherry and affiliation from prestigious Pondicherry University. It has already made a majestic take off from the leaden base laid upon the strong humanitarian spirit to do something to the society and the ever burning desire to uplift the educational standard of the students living in the surrounding areas. Its giant leap forward in gigantic proportions in every field of importance enabling our students to enjoy the earliest opportunities amidst the cut-throat competition, has already shown visible successes under the able guidance and stewardship of our Chief Mentor Dr.J.Arawindhan.


Achariya Arts and Science College is one of the most reputed colleges in Puducherry offering quality education through wide range of UG and PG courses. The urge to render progressive, liberal and relevant education for all sections of the society made them offer 10 UG progremmes and 1 PG Programmes of varied disciplines. The educational design, methodology and infrastructure here certainly provides for a stimulating environment for teaching, learning and research.  Every academic year, the institution produced university Gold Medals totally 62. The college is having a master plan to elevate its status into a post-Graduate institution by introducing as many P.G.Courses as possible so as to cater to the needs of our students who complete their UG courses as well as others who prefer to choose Achariya for their Post-Graduation.

The college promotes active engagement of students in various associations like N.S.S., R.R.C. Workshops, Seminars, Industrial Visits, Compulsory Internship, Educational Trips, Social Projects, Community Outreach Programs, Inter-Collegiate and Intra-Collegiate Events are periodically organized to help the students have better exposure and emerge out as successful organizers and leaders. Classrooms, Laboratories, Library, Auditorium, Hostel, Canteen and Transportation Facilities give a comfortable and congenial study environment to the students and the management’s focus is to make it much bigger and friendly. The college is keen to stand up to the expectations of the parents and the students as   “A place for your placement”

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