1. Students should wear formal dress that is neat and clean.
  2. They should be regular and punctual in attending classes.
  3. They have to stand up as the staff enters the class room and keep standing till the latter sits or asks to sit.
  4. No student will enter or leave the class room without the permission of the staff.
  5. Students shall walk silently and in an orderly manner when they move from one class-room to another or laboratory.
  6. No student is permitted to loiter in and around the college premises during college-hours.
  7. Nobody is permitted to collect money from the students for any purpose and to organize any meeting inside the college premises for any reason.
  8. No Notice of any kind shall be circulated among the students or displayed on the Notice Board.
  9. No one except the Principal or H.O.Ds. Shall call a student from the classroom whatever may be the reason.
  10. Students are strictly prohibited from decamp or damaging college properties. Collective fine will be levied for any damage caused, if the responsibility for such damage cannot be fixed on any individual or group.
  11. No student is permitted to possess cell phone when attending the college.
  12. Students are strictly instructed to observe academic morale during class tests and model examination on par with University Examinations.