Lots of Scholarships are available for deserving students based on the results of the examinations they appeared, as well as on the percentage of attendance (not less than 90 %) earned during their courses of study. Usually scholarships are sanctioned during the first year of study and are tenable for the entire period of the course of study, provided their academic progress, proficiency, conduct and character are satisfactory.

State Government Scholarships:- Scholarships are also granted to the college students by the Government of Puducherry. Merit Scholarships are awarded to the bright students who secured 60 % or more marks in the previous studies. The Government is also granting Scholarships to the students based on their community and parental annual income.

National Merit Scholarships :- The Government of India has formulated a National Scholarships Scheme for awarding Merit Scholarships to the post-matric students. Under this scheme, the Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the results of H.S.C. or any other equivalent Examinations.

National Loan Scholarships :-The Central Government has evolved a National Loan Scholarships Scheme also. The main objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the needy and meritorious students so as to enable them to pursue their higher education. The scheme also provides incentives to bright students to choose teaching as their profession.

ACHARIYA EDUCATIONAL PUBLIC TRUST’S SCHOLARSHIP :- A number of merit scholarships are regularly awarded to meritorious students every year, besides free education with free food and accommodation to economically poor and down trodden students to pursue their higher studies. Apart from these, there is lot of charitable trusts and philanthropic organizations that extends their supports by way of financial assistance to the needy and meritorious students to pursue and complete their courses of study in the college.