National Skill Development Corporation

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is an initiative of the Government of India to nurture skill development in this country and to empower the youth of this country. The skill sets given makes not only the youth of this country skillfully strong but also at the same time it empowers the Indian economy to become a super power.


Achariya Arts and Science College has launched this initiative and this is the great boon and gift to all the students who are going to enroll in AASC. Some of the job roles launched are as follows. 1. Jam Jelly & Ketchup Processing Technician 2. Equity Dealer 3. Business Correspondence & Business Facilitator  4. Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician 5. Junior Software Developer 6. CRM Domestic Non-Voice 7. Editor and 8. Front Office Associate.


At the end of every programme a moderate stipend is given to the student along with the Skill India Certificate and also for Entrepreneurial upliftment, Mudhra loan is arranged.

This is the only institution in the whole union territory of Puducherry which has launched this programme. This course is absolutely free. Join and grow with us

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