School for Entrepreneurial and Employability Skill Development

School for Entrepreneurial and Employability Skill Development established in Achariya Arts and Science College since 2014. This course is intended for students in creating new business or social enterprises that can help change the world. This course focuses on the creation, evaluation, development, and launch-readiness of new business or social ventures.

Through interactive lectures, short case studies, visits from guest entrepreneurs, HRs, and structured peer activities, students explore the elements of the new venturing planning process in an innovative way. AASC have associated with peer groups to develop student’s skills as a passionate, self-motivated entrepreneur.

Achariya Arts and Science College collaborated with Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd (TCIL), a leading ISO-9001:2001 certified public sector undertaking for the past four years successfully. TCIL was incorporated in 1978 by Department of Telecommunications (DOT), Government of India under the aegis of Ministry of Communications, headed by Minister of Communications and informations Technology.

In association with Achariya Arts and Science College, TCIL is giving various sets of skills in different stream lines for all department students to excel in their academic performance such as Desktop Publishing, Certificate course in Computer Applications, Tally, ASP.NET, VB.NET, 3D Studio MAX, Certificate course in Call Center Training, Diploma in Graphics Design, WEB DESIGNING, Diploma in Computer Hardware Management, Diploma in Networking Technology and so on. TCIL is in regular touch with today’s industry and updates the course curriculum regularly to meet its demands. The TCIL course curriculum is designed giving equal importance to theoretical and practical knowledge.

DEE HR CONSULTANTS, the practice school for professionals impart effective training for career advancement to our students. They focused to train the students in several streams like Interview skills, communications skills, groom them in subject knowledge, personality development, higher studies guidance and psychometric tests.

WHITE BLOSSOMS LABS conducts Entrepreneur training program for final year students of Life science department. They conduct theory and practical classes and train the students to become a self employed and successful entrepreneur for the following programmes such as vermicompost, spirulina cultivation and mushroom cultivation.

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