Career Development

Career Development

Career and Guidance Cell

This cell consists of the Principal and three faculty members. The major functions of the cell are to integrate all details of various job avenues and guide the students through counseling. This helps them in making effective career planning corresponding to their interests, skill and ability. Further, the cell will go on collecting comprehensive information about various employers and also keep a wide range of current job openings especially, in the field of computer technology as well as consumer product marketing. Campus interview by leading companies will also be arranged.

Personality Development
During the course of study the students have to be necessarily exposed to the concept of personality development. Apart from acquiring knowledge, skill development occupies a pivotal place in personality development. We shape the students to acquire specialized workshops and training.

Institute-Industry Interface

We consciously encourage the system of institutes, industry interaction with a wide cross section of eminent academicians, industrialists and professionals. Industrial sponsoring etc., make the students to develop their organizational skills, understand the contemporary issues of the industrial employees.

Tutorial System

Under this system all the students of the college are divided into several batches. Each batch is placed under the direct care of an individual teacher who assists them by advice, and allows them for consultation on all matters of academic and social nature.