Teaching differs from other profession .while most of the professions deal with
non-living things this one deals with the growth of human mind. In order to
improve the psychological aspect of teaching Achariya College of Engineering
Technology conducted one day workshop on” Educational Psychology” on
18.09.11(Saturday). The programme was presided over by the Chief Mentor,Dr.
J.Arawindan. Prof. Mamtha Doss, Principal, Achariya College of Education was
called as the Resource Person.

Dr.P.K. Pratap Chandran,Principal,Achariya college of Engineering welcomed the
gathering. In his Presidential Address Dr.J.Arawindan, Chief Mentor emphasized
on the importance of the role of psychology in teaching and he also insisted that
every teacher has to understand the students. In her talk the resource person
Prof. Mamtha Doss pointed out the vital role of educational psychology .In that
she also insisted on the relation between education and psychology.
Dr.T.Balasubramanian, Head of the Department, Chemistry proposed the Vote of